English Tips: How to Maintain your English Skill in Top Level

The key to maintain your language  skills,  specifically English as your second language is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

1)  Constant perfect practice makes permanent and perfect. Don’t think that when you stop practicing your level will still be the same two or three years ago. Also, remember to practice in a perfect manner. This means not compromising to traditional mediocrity.

2) Remember the old adage says, “When you rest, you rust!” Again just like metal that once is smooth and shiny, you could rust and deteriorate. You wouldn’t feel the enthusiasm and could probably lose your grounds to advance your skill. There’s a tendency to become lazy as you need to start again. However, you could maintain your enthusiasm to learn if you don’t rest for too long. A short summer break would be okay but not a long winter break.

3) Take care of your English skill as you take care of your treasures. You don’t let anything stop you from advancing it. Get yourself a dream. Dream big and even bigger. Set your heart to reaching that dream. Don’t allow complacency to restrain you from reaching your destiny. Your treasure wouldn’t be robbed from you if you don’t take it for granted. Spend your precious time wisely by working on it consistently. Life could be hectic at work but don’t let your work drain you. Instead, let work, work for you at its best. Practically, just bringing the best in you! Take it easy but don’t let it go.

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English Tips – How to Improve your English along with your Listening Skills

Listening is the beginning of understanding.  This is the essence of good communication while the rest are just added value.

1) Less is more. Remember to speak less and listen twice as much as you speak.  This will not only build your reputation as a good communicator but will also develop your ability to empathize with others.

2) Listen to others and to yourself.  This involves the heart in the art of listening.  Hear what the other party is trying to convey beyond his ability to speak.  If you can confirm it with the right English words then you are able to win his heart.

3) Develop the “right” English accent.  Listen to native and professional English speakers.  It is not true that all native English speakers are professionals and has acquired the “right” English accent.  Some natives  have acquired a “southern” accent and some are overly slang which you can barely understand.  A good accent is plain and doesn’t have strong intonations, that is the rising and falling of tones.

4)  Habits are hard to break. Avoid listening or communicating to non-English speakers when practicing English.  This can distort your concept of  good English.  You will only find yourself learning their bad speaking habits at the end of the day.

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English Tips – How to Improve Your Conversational Skills

You probably just need a good grip on these tips to harness your way of expressing yourself to people.

1) Set a time for practice. Practice makes not necessarily perfect when you don’t practice the right set of words and pronunciation.

2) Give yourself a break. Just like a coffee break, take a cool break by watching the right English movies. Subtitles are good for a start but try to review the movie if you can up to five (5) times. The 3rd time should be good without it, so you could listen more carefully. Pick a good cartoon show as it has clearer diction.

3) Learn a new English song. Singing will not only exercise your vocal chords it will also help you a lot in voice projection and pronunciation when speaking.

4) Learn how to speak over the phone. Try leaving a phone message to your friends’ voice mail or answering machine in English. In this way you can practice expressing your thoughts by yourself.

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